Problems and disputes bring uncertainty and volatility to your business and your life. Managing and resolving a dispute is more than simply filing or defending a lawsuit. The attorneys at MHR Lewis approach litigation in a holistic manner to help our Clients identify the most economic and efficient strategy for resolving the matter.

MHR Lewis is more interested in its long-term relationship with its Clients, and its Clients' success, and much less interested in running up legal bills. We ensure that clients understand the strategies available to them, the potential costs of pursuing those strategies, and the key distinction between short-term victory and long-term success.

Our litigation practice includes experienced trial lawyers in the United States, and Germany. MHR Lewis recognizes that the strength and success of our attorneys is founded on a deep understanding of our Clients' business and industry combined with superior knowledge in a broad range of industries and areas of the law.

Our litigation team is made up of experienced practitioners in the US and Germany.